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Blonde Eyebrow Micropigmentation Before & After Pictures Plus Video.

Color matching your "Eyebrows" to your hair color is essential: Creating a natural looking eyebrow that enhances your appearance is the goal at   Mel's Skinspa Ink LLC. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~      I must begin by saying, Thank you to my favorite clients for giving me permission to share their story. In order to help others understand the process of choosing if permanent make up is right for you? One must research, read and really just take a look at the before and after pictures of actual patients .        Lisa a busy Nurse, came to us with concerns like most ladies. She over the years had experienced thinning eyebrows and said, "S he spends too much time drawing in her brows, not to mention ha d to spend more money than ever on expensive eyebrow makeup ."        Lisa after just one session no longer has to draw on her brows, although every treatment does come with a complimentary touch up for

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